Thursday, March 9, 2017

App Store Sniper - App Developer name secrets

App Store Sniper – App Developer name secrets 

The first step to building an app is of course to register a developer account name. So, that’s what we’re going to cover here.

The purpose of your account name 

For this system the purpose of your account name is basically to help your search engine rankings. In SEO, we use domain right? In ASO, we use the account or the developer name. While we will try to keep in mind human visitors, they are definitely NOT the priority. The priority is pleasing the App Store and having a keyword rich developer name will help your rankings greatly. Some app store optimization experts believe that the developer name has very little impact. But I couldn’t disagree more, having an optimized developer name is damn near ESSENTIAL if you want to rank for competitive terms.

How to structure your developer name 

So we’ve established that having an optimized developer or account name is very important to the overall app. So, how should I structure it? Well, it’s very simple. Just have the keyword as the developer name, with nothing else.

Take a look at the example below:

He used Download Apps as his developer name. Cool eh? This app ranks high on the App Store and using Download Apps as his developer name is one of the reasons.

Another reason is that he used “Free Download” as his Copyright information.

Note: In setting up your account or developer name, be sure to match it with your business name or official name that matches with your tax. To know more about App Store Sniping, read my App Store Sniper ebook over at Amazon for only $1.99!

TimeNote Social Calendar

A new to explore your calendar and discover what happens around you. All yours calendars synchronized in one app !

With Timenote you will never miss an event again, you are going to discover all that takes place around you but also in the next cities which you will visit. The best Calendar app really social in 2017!

Subscribe you to the accounts of your family, your friends, your favorite artists or to your private coach but also to your various centers of interests as museums, the sport, the evenings, pokemons to catch or simply your TV program. You will be kept informed about all the dates to be followed!

Timenote is the essential tool to get organized between his social life and his real life.
Timenote allows you to synchronize your Google calendars, Outlook, Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, Evernote, and so to add to it a social dimension.

You can now share events of your profile to your subscribers Timenotes but also with your friends of all other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google).

Of a simple double – tap on one Timenote of your choice, kept silent backs up him in your profile, your calendar. So, you can add to it several alarms, private notes to miss nothing!

Thanks to Timenote, you will meet more easily your friends and you will organize your life to realize all that you like

Note : Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Download Timenote Social Calendar today!

Monday, January 30, 2017

iOS App of the Day: Casino UK Real Money, Top Guide to Play Slots for

Casino UK Real Money, Top Guide to Play Slots for is one of the most popular casino apps on iOS. Here, you will find the best in online casino games and online app casino players. This online casino app is a trusted online gaming service that permits real money wagering. I have been playing this personally and I like the interface and its gameplay.
Perhaps as of this writing, for me YES. But this answer may change almost weekly as developers create new and exciting online casino apps.
If you are looking for real money casino apps or just a play for fun casino app, Apple and Google PlayStore are the app stores to find the latest casino games to hit the market.